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The Asia team maintain 219 peril-specific forecast briefs in the Foresight Suite, in addition to ‘pushing’ a series of daily and weekly intelligence updates to clients and providing a full range of tailored services.

Below, you can find the key forecasts of some of our most recent intelligence updates. To receive full samples, and request a trial of the Foresight suite, please just click here. Alternatively, just contact us to learn more.

INDIA – TERRORISM (5 MARCH):  Afzal Guru's hanging will increase the likelihood of  IED attacks in public spaces in major cities over the next six months.

MONGOLIA – CONTRACT FRUSTRATION (5 FEBRUARY):  Contract frustration risks are likely to increase if local governments are given greater regulatory control of mining contracts

VIETNAM – CONTRACT FRUSTRATION (9 JANUARY):  All future projects are likely to be examined to ensure there are no risks of default; risks to oil contracts in the South China Sea will remain

PAKISTAN - TERRORISM (2 JANUARY): Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa are at the greatest risk of terrorist attacks; security forces and public places are preferred targets

INDONESIA – TERRORISM (15 NOVEMBER 2012): Terrorist attacks against western targets are unlikely; however Islamist vigilante groups are gaining influence in Aceh and Java

SOUTH KOREA – WAR (1 NOVEMBER 2012): There is an increased risk of border skirmishes and collateral damage from failed missile tests by North Korea ahead of elections in the South

CHINA – REGULATORY RISK (25 OCTOBER 2012):  The government is unlikely to push ahead with significant stimulus packages and economic structural reforms following the NPC

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